Scenic rafting Wells Gray Park

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Wells Gray Provincial Park in Clearwater, B.C.


Boasting more than 5,000 square kilometers of pure wilderness in Clearwater, B.C., Wells Gray Provincial Park is home to some of the best kayaking, canoeing, fly-fishing, hiking, camping and whitewater rafting in all of British Columbia.

It is the fourth largest of B.C.’s provincial parks and is known for its four “W’s”: Wilderness, Waterfalls, Wildlife and Whitewater. Wells Gray has hundreds of stunning waterfalls, including Helmcken Falls which is three times the height of Niagara. There are mountains towering 3,000 meters high and raging whitewater rivers more than 75 kilometers long.

Wells Gray features one of the last protected watersheds in B.C., which hosts a network of five major lakes and five major rivers that confluence into the Clearwater River. On your next trip to Wells Gray, whitewater rafting is something you can’t afford to miss.


Why will Whitewater Rafting add to my Wells Gray Experience?

Only with whitewater rafting are you able to reach some of the most jaw-dropping scenery Wells Gray has to offer.  The Clearwater River runs 78 kilometers through the park and allows visitors to take in as much of Wells Gray’s lush landscape as possible. Hiking alone would never cover as much ground as whitewater rafting through Wells Gray.

Liquid Lifestyles Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking tours take you to these remote locations in Wells Gray.  On our multi-day, one and half-day tours you can hike to the base of the 200 foot Spahats Waterfall, or visit some of the other incredible falls such as Candle Creek, Moul Falls and Sylvia and Goodwin Falls. We provide a riverside gourmet lunch prepared by our red seal chef on our one and multi-day trips.

The spectacular access to the park is not the only reason why whitewater rafting at Wells Gray is an activity you can’t pass up. The warm water, high volume and extended season from May 1 – Oct 31 makes the Clearwater River some of the best whitewater in all of Western Canada.

Liquid Lifestyles offers a wide range of whitewater rafting trips through Wells Gray, tailored to accommodate your need for adrenaline or relaxation.  If a two day overnight wilderness camping tour or full-day tour doesn’t fit into your schedule, we paddle 14 kilometers on our 3.5 hour tours through volcanic canyons (double the river distance of any other whitewater rafting operator in Clearwater). Which ever tour you choose, we give you a front row seat to all of the stunning views at Wells Gray.

Be sure to come and check out our brand new location this summer. We are conveniently located next to the Wells Gray Info Centre.




Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking through Wells Gray Park with

Liquid Lifestyles

We’ve added even more new and exciting river adventures this season that are sure to make for an unforgettable experience! Check out our jam-packed Two-Day River Adventure where guests can enjoy 40 kilometers of whitewater rafting excitement and breathtaking scenery on the Clearwater River. Or jet upstream on our Motorized Scenic Tour for that perfect photo opportunity in Wells Gray Country!


3.5 Hour Whitewater Rafting

Departure Times: 9:30, 13:00 & 16:30

Adults ($92.00 + tax)
Youth 16 yrs. & under ($82.00 + Tax)


  • Discover the brilliance of Wells Gray Provincial Park’s volcanic Canyons
  • Blast through Granite and Lower Canyon on the Clearwater River
  • Charge through rapids like “Sharkstooth,” “Shane’s Demise,” “The Wall,” “Buckaroo” and “Tsunami
  • Small personalized groups
  • Trip filled with breath taking scenery



Full Day Whitewater Rafting

Departure Time: 9:30 daily

Adults ($142.00+ tax)
Youth 16 yrs. & under ($116.00 + Tax)


  • You’re adrenaline will be pumping from start to finish as you experience Sabertooth, Granite and the Lower Canyons
  • Amazing hike to the base of the 200 ft Spahats Waterfall
  • Enjoy a riverside gourmet lunch
  • Perfect mix of intense whitewater rafting and relaxation
  • A true whitewater rafting wilderness experience


3 Hour Whitewater Tandem Rafting

Departure Times: 9:30, 13:00, 16:30 daily
Adults ($92.00+ tax)
Youth 16 yrs. & under ($72.00 + tax)


  • Pilot your very own high performance, tandem whitewater raft
  • Highest adventure trip offered on the Clearwater River
  • Enjoy the tour by yourself or with a companion (max 4:1 guest to guide ratio)
  • Navigate through some of the Clearwater River’s best whitewater
  • Provides the experience of whitewater kayaking with the stability and ease of whitewater rafting; excellent for families




Full Day Whitewater Tandem Rafting

Departure Times: 9:30 daily
Adults ($142.00+ tax)
Youth 16 yrs. & under ($116.00 + Tax)


  • All of the thrills of our 3 hour tour
  • Enjoy a riverside gourmet lunch
  • Side hike to a spectacular waterfall
  • Power across eddy lines and explode through waves


Full Day Scenic River Trip (Motorized)

Departure Times: 9:00 daily
Adults ($184+ tax)
Youth 16 yrs. & under ( + tax)


  • Jet down the the Clearwater River’s calm, pristine waters without the exertion of whitewater rafting
  • ·       Enjoy a riverside gourmet lunch
  • ·       Access some of Wells Gray Park’s spectacular waterfalls that are unreachable by foot
  • ·       28 km of picturesque views of Wells Gray Provincial Park
  • ·       Non whitewater trip




Three-Hour Thompson River Adventure

  • River Distance: ?
  • Departure Times: 9:00 daily
  • Adults: $84.00 + tax
  • Youth 16 yrs & under: $65.00 + tax
  • Non-whitewater


Discover the wonders of the North Thompson River, while learning the history of this iconic B.C. river. If you’re looking for a relaxing and leisurely time in Wells Gray Country this is the trip for you.  Choose to paddle your own tandem raft accompanied by one of our highly skilled guides or join them in a tradition whitewater raft for a beautiful day in the Canadian sun. 



Half-Day Wells Gray River Adventure

  • River Distance: 9km
  • Departure Times: 9:00 daily
  • Adults: $92.00 + tax
  • Youth 16 yrs & under: $72.00 + tax
  • Non-whitewater


Relax and enjoy one of the most enchanting sections of the Clearwater River while paddling your very own tandem raft. Meander your way down the crystal clear waters with picturesque views with one of our highly skilled guides. Take a dip in the river or swim alongside your boat. Create lasting memories of Wells Gray Park and the Clearwater River on this relaxing, half-day trip.


Two-Day Whitewater River Adventure
Adults: $370+ tax
Youth 16 yrs. & under XXX + tax

  • Two days and 40 km of picturesque scenery and pumping whitewater on the Clearwater River
  • Explore breathtaking waterfalls and challenge the rapids of Sabertooth Canyon, Granite Canyon and the Lower Canyon
  • All meals prepared and served by our personal Red Seal Chef
  • Beautiful, secluded riverside camp site
  • Class 1 to 4 whitewater




Additional Multi-Day Whitewater Excursions


  • Two-Day Whitewater Kayaking
  • Four-Day Whitewater Kayaking
  • Five-Day Whitewater Rafting
  • Seven-Day Whitewater Kayaking
  • Fourteen-Day Fall Roadtrip Series


Your Safety is our Priority


All of our trips are lead and supervised by highly experienced guides, certified in rafting, kayaking, first aid and swiftwater rescue.