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What do I need to bring?

 As little as possible.A swimsuit and a towel is all that is required (we recommend wearing a swimsuit underneath your clothing when you arrive). We will provide you with all the gear you will need such as wetsuits, helmets, splash tops and shoes. If you have your own shoes that you dont mind getting wet it is a good idea to bring them along but please make sure they are closed toe and lace up, like a runner. 

Can I bring my Gopro or camera?

Yes…and no. We do have a select amount of helmets that have Gopro mounts, but you will need to bring the clip piece that attaches to the camera and locks into the mount. We do not recommend taking cameras as many have been swallowed by the river gods in the past! Our staff will be perched riverside to capture your memories so you can enjoy the moment.

Where do we meet

Our office is located at 440 Eden Road (between the Wells Gray Information Center and the Dairy Queen). Each trip departs from our office and returns back to our office via one of our shuttle vans.

What ages do you take on the whitewater?

Typically ages 5 and up depending on the trip booked. Because your childs safety is our top priority all trips are subject to the guides discretion. Many factors will influence the guides decision such as river levels, your childs size and  how your childs experience was in previous waves. Your child may be required to portage certain rapids but we do our best to minimize those portages and have your child back on the boat as quick as possible.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Although the ability is an assed it is not a requirement. Please let your guide know upon arrival and they will take extra care when providing the safety instructions.

Do I need to be physically fit?

All shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are welcome. We do not recommend whitewater rafting if you have back issues as many movements can cause strain to the area.  Our river access road is also very rough and could also aggravate pre existing injuries.

Does the river ever close due to high water levels?

Your safety is our top priority.  As the river levels fluctuate strict guidelines are followed  and dictate our rafting availability. If the water level rises past our safety pints we will not run sertain sections of the river and your trip may be modified. Early season is common due to spring run off. If a trip is cancelled by us a full refund will be provided.

Will the boat flip or I fall out?

Although we can not promise that a flip or swim will not happen it is a rare occurrence. Our Guides take every measure to provide you with a safe yet enjoyable trip. It is importannt to listen to and follow your guides instruction.

What does it mean when you say class 1-4 rapids?

Class 1- flat moving water

Class 2 – splashy waves

Class 3 – Bigger waves, easily navigated

Class 4 – Lots of whitewater, technical to navigate

Class 5 – Intense powerful whitewater, with serious consequences. Not commercially        rafted

Class 6 – Non runable

Can I wear my Glasses?

Yes but we highly recommend bringing a strap to help prevent losing them. 

Is there room to park my RV?

Absolutely! We have plenty of parking for oversized vehicles.

I have a disability or injury….Can I still Whitewater raft?

Please let us know ahead of time and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable during your trip with us.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The more in advance the better as it allows us to ensure we can accommodate you. Walk ins are still always welcome subject to availability.

Do you give discounts to large groups?

Of course! Please contact us and see what we can do for you.