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Up the Ante

Skill Level: 02 Novice

Are you a novice paddler looking to go beyond the fundamentals and begin to feel more confident on the river?  Learn to harness the river’s power, use its features in conjunction with your strokes to get to where you want to be (not where the river pushes you).

Once you are confident with your roll, we are ready to graduate from Dutch Lake and move the lesson onto the Clearwater River.We try to put you in contact with more straight forward rapids with clear channels which are easier to read.  You will begin to gradually understand the way the river moves, so you can work with it and not against it. We will take your roll to the next level and practice in river currents, which is far different from rolling in still water.

Running the rapids shouldn’t feel like “running the gantlet,” but rather a perfect puzzle you put together. Up the Ante, and we will provide you consistent and accurate feed back and help you refine your skills and run the river with poise.

This course can be taken as a 2,3 or 5 day lesson. 

Cost per person per day (plus tax):

  • Single student: $325
  • Two students: $190
  • Class of 3 or more: $175

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We strongly recommend you review the waiver online before arriving for your kayaking lesson. It can be found here.