Kayak School Surfing

The Ripple Effect

Skill Level: 03 Intermediate

Develop your kayaking style and turn any river into your paddling playground. “Squirt turns,” “Blunts,” “360’s” and “Backdeck Rolls” are all within your grasp. As an intermediate paddler you will learn more complex styles of padding in faster currents and larger waves.

Instruction will go deeper into play boating skills and river running depending on the desire of the student. By this level you should have a solid roll and be comfortable with working in and out of waves. River reading and scouting runs will also be  introduced during this course.

Liquid Lifestyles wants to ensure that you have even more fun and control paddling the next time you hit the river!

This course can be taken as a 2,3 or 5 day lesson. Contact [email protected] for availability.


Cost per person per day (plus tax):

  • Single student: $325
  • Two students: $190
  • Class of 3 or more: $175

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We strongly recommend you review the waiver online before arriving for your kayaking lesson. It can be found here.